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Zack Martin Senior editor

This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
DAEMON Tools Pro Agent 4.1 is the taskbar icon agent for DAEMON Tools pro 4.1.
So, it comes as a part of daemon tools. Noe, Daemon tools can create disk images that can be loaded into its virtual CD / DVD drive.

Daemon tools pro agent adds as an icon on the right side of windows taskbar.
It makes our jobs of mounting / unmounting images, setting emulation options, adding new virtual drive, etc easier. "Image in use check" is another setting tat can be modified, which checks whether the image loaded is available (whether it is deleted / unaccessible). Turning on that setting may cause warning messages that the image / file is unaccessible.

Daemon tools can emulate the security features of a game / software CD / DVD easily. We can create copies or images of a particular disk. Copying them is really illegal, but think if you need to load the game cd all time for playing a game; the optical disks get scratched / damaged easily. So, you may need to create a backup copy or make image to load in the virtual disk.

Anyway, its a nice program and won't affect much of startup speeds.


  • Won't slow down startup.
  • Easy to use.


  • No much features.
  • Cannot add IDE drive!

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